Some of the programs we are involved with are the Kids Fishing Event at Silver Lake in Everett, the Kids Fish-In at North Gissberg Pond Smokey Point, the Jennings Park Fishing Event in Marysville and the Kids Fishing Derby at the Navy’s Jim Creek facility outside of Arlington. In promoting various enhancements and educational programs throughout the year we are not just teaching but we are helping to benefit our local communities.
For over 20 years our club has returned many thousands of pounds of salmon carcasses from the Wallace hatchery to the upper reaches of the Pilchuck River and its tributaries. The carcasses enhance stream productivity for the young salmon that hatch in the spring.
The club and its volunteers maintain a net pen on the Everett waterfront where for 3-4 months of the year in late winter where 20-30 thousand Coho Salmon fry acclimatize to the salt water environment of Puget Sound before they are released in the spring.
Our club manages a Coho Salmon hatchery west of Monroe where we raise upward of 60,000 Coho each year. We complete the whole cycle of hatching the eggs, raising the fry to smolt stage in 2 separate pond, before being released into the stream.
On a yearly basis our club sponsors young people to attend the Washington State Youth Conservation Camps located on Orcas Island in the San Juan Islands. We provide several college scholarships to students at many different colleges and universities. The club has donated money to a local middle school class to setup and maintain an aquarium to raise Coho Salmon from egg to fry, where the class will then release them into a nearby local stream. 

Check out the rest of our website to see and learn more about our various activities and then come and check us out at one of our meetings or seminars.