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3. If what you are using is not working, change what you are using (or find out what the successful people are using and copy them): This is an easy rule to follow yet is one broken most often. We tend to stick with the lure or method that worked the last time rather than what will work this time. There is a good reason for this since if it worked in the past, why would it not work now? We tend to depend upon that "old reliable" that worked so often before and will not change, even when it does not work. We become so absolutely sure it will work, we ignore facts such as fish being caught all around us by people using a different method or the other obvious, nobody is catching fish and they are using the same thing as you. The fish are not aware that your "favorite" lure worked in the past, they only know what they want to bite now. In real estate they say, "location, location, location!" In fishing I say, "change, change, change!"

   Keep at least two rods with you in the boat and have both rigged with different things. When you decide to change, bring one up and put the other down without taking time to re-tie a new lure. Even if what you put down is not what you want to fish with, for example you break off and want to put the same thing down, you are at least fishing with something in the water (remember the First Law of Fishing?). change your speed, change you depth, zigzag and pay attention to which rod gets the strikes. Watch other fishermen and see what they are using and if they are successful, change to what they are using. Do not get into the habit of using the same old thing every time. What worked two hours ago may not be what works now. We may not know why fish change their feeding patterns but we do know they do. Try something different and be the successful person that day.

4. It's persistence, not patience, that catches fish: This is a primary rule of fishing, much like rule number three above. Some people are stuck with the idea that you must be patient to be a fisherman, nonsense! Patience is doing the same wrong thing in the same wrong place all day and going home with few, or usually, no fish. Persistence is changing methods, locations, presentations, depths and any other thing you can think of until you find out what works. At that time, you will become successful and the art of fishing will become much more fun.

   Charlie White, a researcher of fishing and inventor of many fishing items, states in his presentation that feeding fish in salt water will be in as small a depth variation as five feet. If you fish outside that five foot area, you will not catch fish. He also points out that only one in ten of the fish, which appear to show an interest in your presentation, actually strike at it, 90% of the fish you place your lure in front of will not strike! Of course, my grandfather told me many years ago that only one out of ten fish will strike at any one time and he wasn't a researcher, only a very successful fisherman. Patience is vastly over rated as a fishing technique and should never be considered a virtue when fishing. Be persistent, always have something different to try and you will be more successful. As in rule #3, change, change, change! Never stay too long with a presentation, which is not working, especially if you know the fish are present.

5. Keep it all in perspective: This is my favorite rule when it comes to fishing. Any day you can get out on the water, in my opinion, is better than any day you must spend working or completing some loathsome task. There are things which must be done to maintain a pleasant household, you must spend time with family and friends (and even in-laws) and you should do some volunteer things to help your community, but all of those things can be put behind you when you are fishing. Life is good! Enjoy the day, enjoy the company, take a kid fishing and enjoy his or her excitement when they make new discoveries of things you, with your infinite wisdom,have taken for granted all these years.

   Have an unhealthy snack and don't worry about your cholesterol or the calories for I truly believe a day spent fishing is not deducted from your life span but adds to it. Finally, when the fish refuse to bite, when the rains come and you become uncomfortable, when you discover you forgot an important piece of equipment and can not go back for it ("Where's the net?"), or when the other people are casting over your line, bumping into your boat, crowding your water or otherwise being a nuisance,, just remember, you are dealing with an animal which has a brain the size of a small pea, functions totally on instinct and has never had a conscious thought in its life, and the fish are not very smart either. Enjoy your time fishing! Have a great time!

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